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This website will have guides on how to study for your FINRA exam. If you have additional questions not covered on this page email us at

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STEP 1 - Download your syllabus

more to be added if you don't see your exam here today. Also for additional help in particular with SIE, SERIES 6 , SERIES 7 and SERIES 99 subscribe to the "Mastering Financial Exams" podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

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STEP 2 - Watch the On-Demand Class if Purchased

Greico Surepass Academy

The "Greico Surepass Academy" is our online Learning Management System. You can access GSA on desktop at or on your mobile phone with the "Greico Surepass Academy" application. Watch this video to learn about the features of GSA and how to use them.

STEP 3 - Read the Textbook

How to Best Read the Textbook

The best way to read the textbook is after watch the related class material. The class material will make reading the book a lot easier since you'll already have a strong sense of what everything is. Either way the book should be read casually like a newspaper. Focus on getting the big picture and not memorizing every detail as many of the details will be cleaned up as you do questions on the question bank. So the focus is on the understanding of the material NOT MEMORIZATION.

STEP 4 - Do Section Quizzes

How to use the Question Bank

The video to the side will show you how to login and use your online question bank. Really make sure you do not rush to comprehensive simulated exams. Master each section individually first will make the information much more organized in your mind and make passing the test on test day much easier. After mastering each section make sure budget time for at least 17 simulated exams so you're exposed to as many possible questions as possible.

*Question bank access lasts 5 months, afterwards contact us for 1 month extension ($20) or a 5 month extension ($99)

STEP 5 - Do Final Exams Quizzes

Final Preparations

So when completing your simulated exams in your final preparation for the exam make sure that you are scoring consisted 85%+ before taking the exam. If you are below this on your last 3 exams, DO NOT TAKE THE TEST YET.